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Less Thinky More Drinky Sequin Can Cooler

Less Thinky More Drinky Sequin Can Cooler

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Introducing the "Less Thinky More Drinky" Sequin Shifting Can Cooler. This can cooler is the ultimate combination of class and cool, ensuring that your drink stays refreshingly chilled while you shine in style from concerts to the rodeo. When it's time to unwind and enjoy a drink, don't forget to do it in style with this eye-catching accessory.

The "Less Thinky More Drinky" Sequin Shifting Can Cooler is designed to add a touch of glamour and fun to your drinking experience. With its sequin shifting design, this can cooler catches the sunlight during the day and mesmerizes with its glow in the night lights. Be prepared to turn heads and stand out from the crowd as you sip on your favorite beverage in style.

This can cooler is not just a practical accessory, but also a fashion statement. Its sleek and compact design easily fits most standard cans, ensuring your drink stays cool and refreshing. The sequins give it a touch of pizzazz, making it the perfect companion for any outdoor event, from concerts to rodeos and beyond.

Fit:12oz can 

Material: 100% Neoprene


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